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Genetic memories: Past, present and future of human behaviour

Abstergo Industries is proud to announce the latest iteration of the Animus, the revolutionary device that allows our researchers to experience the genetic memories of our test subject’s ancestors. The Animus has been a key tool in our research into the field of genetic memory, and the new Animus represents a major step forward in […]

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New Animus-OS announced!

Animus-OS Valhalla is officially announced! Our developers at Abstergo Systems have worked tirelessly over the last few years to bring you the latest Animus operating system: This new version includes extensive improvements in almost all aspects. Mystical beliefs that your ancestors believed in can become reality with Valhalla, the translation of ancient Nordic languages has […]

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Animus Fixes and Updates

Recently, an update has been made to the Animus. Here is the change log: – Added a system to make the Animus accessible for more hours – Added a new security system, viruses have now been “run-over” [ERUDITO] – Interface made more accessible and simpler – Animus functionality increased. Less probability to have connection problems to your memories […]

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a-OS 4.0 Officially Announced!

Exciting news from the R&D division of Abstergo: a-OS 4.0 coming later this year! After extensive work with Project Legacy and the Animus DDS, Abstergo engineers have just about completed the software code that will allow users to explore the DNA memories of anyone in history!  Thanks to our Animus testers and users from around […]

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New a-OS

Currently the latest version of the animus-OS is in development. At the moment we can not reveal any details, but rejoice to improvements of the features of the predecessor. Expect information in the coming weeks or months.