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Fake Tech Support Calls

Several Abstergo employees reported phone calls from a person claiming they are with Tech Support or they are with the DIT Help Desk. The person will usually claim you have a virus or some other issue with your computer and they need to remote in. At this point they will try to send you a link to your email or have you go to a website that grants them remote access to your computer. Please be aware if the DIT Help Desk needs access to your computer, we will let you know and upon accepting the request from the DIT Help Desk, no action is needed from you.

Some indications of the scam may include the number they call from is out of state and/or the caller may use a generic name. If you are unsure whether the person on the phone is a real DIT Technician, please get the person’s full name and call the Help Desk to verify it is one of us. You may have prevented attempt malicious activity.

If anyone is caught accessing or interfering with the Abstergo network without consent from the DIT Help Desk serious action will be taken against the them. If you have any question about company policy or the use of our secured network please contact the HR department in your building. This is a growing problem company wide and not exclesusive to any region.

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By haylinporter

Abstergo Employee: Works in Marketing and Research