Congratulations to Haylin Porter!

After years of dedication and amazing work, it pleases me to announce to all of you today, on behalf of myself, Alan Rikkin and Abstergo, the promotion of our beloved employee, Haylin Porter.

Haylin Porter has been Abstergo’s Marketing Officer for over two years and produced highly qualitative work. She has constantly met deadlines and supported us with great ideas and projects that helped keep this website running, updated and fresh.

Please join me in welcoming Haylin Porter no longer as our Marketing Officer but as our Chief Marketing Officer.

Haylin, Abstergo thanks you for all of your support and hopes you the best in your new position. Keep up the good work.


2 replies on “Congratulations to Haylin Porter!”

… So after what happened a couple a months ago with the whole locking me into a basement with a crazy computer lady, a psycho technician who tried to kill me, strange employees, strange jobs, crazy conspiracy voodoo stuff, bad coffee and a small cold, will I get a raise? Love the hours and the coworkers but this job seems a bit much.

We are sorry about what your have experienced, your safety was our main priority. We will sure compensate you and we would like to thank you again for holding strong and helping us throughout that small issue.

Thank You,

Otto Schmidt
Future Technologies Division

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