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Abstergo’s Animus Disk – Dev Diary #2

Hello dear customers,

We’ve been thrilled by all the results we’ve had since the launch, and we already released one of our developer’s diaries. Unfortunately, it would seem that a group of hackers has shared some false information on it. It’s unfortunate, but we assure you none of it is true, and our security team is doing it’s best to assure the best educational courses and historical games on our quality Disks, while maintaining safety.


7 replies on “Abstergo’s Animus Disk – Dev Diary #2”

This Erudito hacker has to be stopped! Lately on my animus I’ve been getting strange, incoherent messages claiming to be from Erudito and also in the middle of game sessions, I get a message saying “animus hack” and strange things start to happen

I apologize for the inconveniences. The evils of EURDITO never seem to stop. This issue will be solved soon.

Thank you,

Help us. Help you. Help the World


Our advertisements are carefully made, and our developers do their best to give as much information as possible. It is not the first time that hackers and other sorts of groups have tried to alter the images of successful companies. Do not trust these so called “Erudito”, they only aim to cause trouble.
Have fun !
– Steve Gerkin
-Animus Disk Engineer-

Are they carefully made? You may want to switch tactics then, because your adds lately seem too…

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but your adds lately, even stand alone, are off. They body language of the people on the commercials seems over exaggerated, as if trying to impress on us their sincerity. You seem to be very selective in what facts you present. The commercial as a whole gives and air of FAKE.

That’s just me. I’ve seen commercial just as bad, but come on, you ABSTERGO. Can’t you do better than this? Maybe if you showed some hard data, or really showed us behind the scenes places and people that go into your products, instead of these seemingly rehearsed scenarios.

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